About Bj

BJ Hambleton

Bj Hambleton tunes, corrects and balances your whole self!

When was the last time you took your car to the dealership and they connected it to a computer to tell you what needed tuning, correcting and balancing? The QXCI/SCIO technology does the same for your body, mind, and spirit.

Benefits of the quantum healing technology:

All you have to do is decide to come, to sit and let me do the work. Here are some benefits:

  • You feel better.
  • Your system works more easily and effectively.
  • Your physical body is balanced.
  • You have a new sense of well-being.
  • You are relaxed!
  • Your stress is relieved.
  • You leave healthier and happier! Usually you look better too!

How the QXCI/SCIO works:

The QXCI/SCIO collects bio-electrical data from the body/being in a biofeedback loop via 110 channels, tests simultaneously the reactivity to the 10,000 specific items in the matrix, then mathematically ranks the importance of each.

Using ankle, wrist and head harnesses, all 200 trillion cells are linked within the 110-channel cybernetic system. This interacts with the bio/electric body creating an unconscious, objective assessment of the whole system.

The QXCI/SCIO assists in finding the causes of disease and illnesses. It then assists in correcting these issues as a complete package, not separately, or linearly, but as a mesh or web of life. The system is different from classical biofeedback, which only connects with probes to the cranium and omits the cellular and energetic structures.

History of the QXCI/SCIO

The QXCI/SCIO was invented by Professor William Nelson. He was born in the state of Ohio and now lives in Budapest, Hungary. When he was a teenager, he earned a Master’s degree in statistics. In 1969 he worked for NASA on the Apollo project and helped the astronauts reset their system for re-entry and landing. After he studies psychic phenomenon and quantum physics. He continues to learn about subtle energies; voltage, amperage, resistance, capacitance, inductance and applies them to energetic medicine and quantum biology.

By 1982 Nelson had developed the first tri-vector diagnostic system. In 1992, the QXCI was called the EPFX and was registered with the US FDA as a biofeedback device for stress reduction. In 1993, Dr. Nelson moved to Budapest in order to continue his research and to further develop his quantum device for health and wellness care. The SCIO was released in 2004.

History of Steps and Wings Healing Arts LLC

Bj Hambleton, the primary practitioner began her work as a wellness consultant after receiving treatment sessions and being absolutely blown away with the effectiveness, capacity, thoroughness of the QXCI/SCIO. She has been in active practice with this instrument since 2004. Continuing Education is and daily, weekly and monthly requirement and pleasure. She continues to learn and grow with the QXCI/SCIO, her clients and herself.

Previous to working with the QXCI/SCIO, she was a college professor teaching Sociology. Those skills, knowledge and expertise are an integral part of each and every client session. Her involvement with the alternative healing arts began in 1973 and has continued with absorption of chiropractic techniques, nutrition, Homeopathy, High Touch Jin Shin, Intuitive/Spiritual Reading using the Tarot, spiritual practices, including meditation, Flower of Life Merkaba practice, crystal and rock energetics, sacred geometry, Acutonics etc. It has been and will continue to be a life-long journey of growth, discovery and daily practice.

Steps and Wings Healing Arts LLC was created as a result of one of those night time visions. I awoke one night about 3 am, sat straight up and knew the name of the company. The graphics and logo were created in response to that vision by Starlyte Designs. (It was great fun to be part of and watch it all unfold!)

Bj Hambleton lives – and works primarily – in Golden, Colorado, although she has long distance (subspace) clients from coast to coast. She has two children and three grand children and a house cat. Her interests include gardening, hiking, reading, weaving, sewing and doll making.