Steps and Wings’ Clients

     Love Bj’s Quantum Healing!

“Instrumental in recovery”

Bj Hambleton’s services and advice have been instrumental in my continuing recovery from a variety of health problems including emotional trauma and cardiac arrhythmia. Her referrals to a nutritional N.D. and motivational programs have also had a profound effect on turning my life around. Bj’s experience and wisdom are indispensable to me.
Dick Wendell

“Working…with Bj and the QXCI is a gift”

Working long distance with BJ and the QXCI is a gift. The dynamic yet subtle changes that occur are perfect in those moments, and the results healing to body and soul. Thank you for an introduction to the possibilities of change and how simple and intertwined our needs are when we are able to put our judgmental minds aside to allow healing.
Todd Berkenfield

“Watch a spiritual gift in action.”

Seeing the intricate and elegant way Bj engages with the material world is to watch a spiritual gift in action. Not only can she “run you” on the machine, she can ferret out, to the tiniest meaning, the information she receives.
Daphne Rose Kingma, author
The Future of Love – www.daphnekingma.com

“I have been able to quit my addiction to coffee”

I have worked with Bj and the QXCI/SCIO on changing emotional/belief patterns. Since working with her, I have been able to quit my addiction to coffee, which has greatly improved my health. I have been able to dramatically improve my ability to manage stress. Overall, I feel more balanced, relaxed, and happy! Thank you!
Leah Hahn DC
Body in Balance Chiropractic, Golden, CO

“I can train more often and at a higher level”

As an elite athlete, I am always striving to be better. The QXCI/SCIO has given me the opportunity to do this. Not only has it allowed me to increase my level of function and performance, but it has been able to get to my underlying chronic issues, by showing me where my physical, mental, and chemical imbalances are. This has decreased my time needed for healing, so I can train more often and at a higher level which has allowed me to excel even further within the sport of climbing.

“and … my patients heal faster and perform better.”

As a chiropractor, I am always searching for methodologies that will help my patients heal faster and function better. The QXCI/SCIO and BJ Hambleton, have given me this opportunity. It is always exciting to find things that work hand in hand with chiropractic to help facilitate people’s healing.
Scott Hahn D.C.